Concrete cutting in progress in Brampton

Concrete Cutting in Toronto and Southern Ontario since 1990

Your construction crew works hard to build and renovate structures for your clients. And many projects you complete involve laying a concrete foundation or altering existing concrete surfaces.

To finish those projects on time, you need concrete specialists. Team with Accurate Concrete Cutting in Toronto, Mississauga, or surrounding areas. We can excavate, cut, install, and finish concrete in any way your project requires.

Discover Our Extensive Concrete Services

When you choose us for concrete cutting in Brampton, our team brings more than 30 years of knowledge and experience to your worksite. We also come prepared with numerous saws and drills, capable of slicing through tough materials like brick, rebar, and steel beams.

Whether you need us primarily for installation, renovation, or demolition, we have the tools and training to tackle your concrete job. Our many concrete services include the following:

  • Concrete wall and slab sawing
  • Curb cutting
  • Road sawing
  • Concrete grinding
  • Core drilling
  • Concrete finishing
  • Non-destructive concrete scanning

Our crew also has the necessary equipment to excavate and prepare your site. We have compactors, skid steers, and electric and diesel carriers for use in such projects.

Trust Our Industry Experience

At Accurate Concrete Cutting, we take our name seriously. We focus on cutting careful lines and drilling holes in the exact right spot. After more than 35 years working with concrete, our company knows how to work safely and efficiently as well. We know our dedication to precision saves your crew time and money.

Would you like an estimate on concrete cutting in Mississauga? Then call us at 800-667-5978, or fill out our contact form.

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Sawing & Drilling
We provide all the slab, curb and asphalt cutting, and coring services you require.
Indoor Equipment
Accurate Concrete Cutting utilizes electric equipment for safe indoor cutting.
Construction Services
From floors to pads to bollards and more, we can build to suit your needs.